Trade-off between features, functionality and ease of use

Anyone that has ever worked on designing, planning or launching a new product has been challenged with this fundamental trade-off. How do you ensure that your product is of such a nature that it is better than your competition's? Is it enough to do just enough?

The answer is NO! You must do more, much more! Continue to improve, challenge your current status and have at least 2 unreleased product enhancements up your sleeve. In fact, have two new products up your sleeve! It is natural for competitors to flock to and mimic the best product. Keep them flocking!


And please do not forget about the staff that must support your product once it is live! 

Web Developers vs. Web Designers

 And there I thought they were one and the same... O, how far from the truth that statement is... 

Are you the new hero?

If you are a 80s baby you would know all the old Superman, Batman and Spiderman cartoons and movies. Although they were absolutely fantastic for the time, I must admit that I enjoy the new adaptations so much more. Is it the fact that the special effects are so far superior, the fact that one actually understands the moral of the story or the fact that one actually start looking for a super hero later in life? 

But it is a different super hero we are looking for these days. It is not the type that splits atoms, boils oceans, can turn-back time or save the damsel in distress. These days the heroes are the leaders that can motivate teams to perform the most repetitive or small task with the biggest smile, whilst ensuring that the individual and company grows. Today's heroes are the leaders that appoint staff to challenge them. Are you such a leader? What is standing in your way?

I thought these "new" heroes brought another meaning to term "new age heroes".


Go be the best leader you can be! Challenge the current status and recommend ways of improvement. You and the people around you will start changing for the better. 


Maslow 101 - By LunchBreath

 Everyone so often one stumbles upon a really great collection of art. Hop on over to This fellow's art is not only amazing, it also has some business and leadership context. How cool is this alternative to Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Keep up the good work LunchBreath!